I have cancer. What can I eat?

Are you facing a new cancer diagnosis and feeling lost about what to eat? Have you been reading every article about the foods you should avoid? Are you thinking that water isn’t even safe right now? Then this is the place for you. I have spent years as an oncology dietitian meeting with patients who

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What’s a cancer fighting diet?

Good question! I have to be honest and say that there isn’t one cancer fighting diet. However, there are a variety of eating habits that have been shown in the research over and over again to reduce risk of cancer. If you already have cancer, you may be asking yourself why you need to reduce

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Tips for Eating During Chemotherapy

Everyone’s experience with chemotherapy is different. People are beautifully and individually unique. Each chemotherapy and combination of medications has the potential to have a variety of side effects. Some people can experience very minimal side effects while others can have severe side effects. After years of supporting patients throughout treatment, this is a collection of

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