“Because food isn’t the enemy, cancer is.”

– Laura Brown, MS, RD, CSO, CSNC

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Oncology Nutrition

As a Dietitian with a Certified Specialization in Oncology Nutrition (CSO), I have the unique ability to interpret the science of nutrition into practical advice. Most of the information available on the internet regarding cancer and nutrition is based off of fear. This site is dedicated to providing evidence based information without shame so you can feel your best and live your best life!

Nutrition for Cancer Survivors

Nutrition and Treatment

Resources to support healthy nutrition during chemotherapy and radiation.

Nutrition and Survivorship

All facts and no fear. Answers to all your nutrition and cancer questions.

Suggestions for Caregivers

Feeling lost when it comes to nourishing your loved one? This is the place for you.

Breast Cancer Nutrition

Focus on nutrition and breast cancer survivorship.

Nutrition for Professionals

Nutrition resources for your practice.

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Free Handouts

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Resources for Download

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Nutrition Guidelines

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